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    8 months ago

Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Shadow on mankind"

when ever we start thinking about the religion, a picture of great man come in to our mind who shows extra-human behavior in the real world, kill some bad people and saved the earth or humanity from destruction and that's why now whole of the mankind start worshiping them. if we talk about the super-human nature of these god then these things are not even possible but no one asking about the reality of these things every one is just following it blindly without raising any question because religion don't have answers of any logical question
  • How a person picked up a mountain on a finger "Krishna" from Hinduism, now we all know the formation of a mountain that it is impossible to pick a mountain because mountain rises from the core plates of the earth and you need to dig few kilometer to extract it from the earth.
  • how a person made a way in the river only by hitting it with his stick "Mohammad" from Islam. we all know about the nature of water we need a ample power to make a way in flowing water and if Islam have that much of power then why don't they use it to make electricity that will be helpful for whole of the world.
  • how a person walk on the water by bare foot "Jesus" from Christianity , we know the principle of floating we can  float only when we disperse the equal amount of mass of water to the body weight and if jeusu had any technique for floating then he was very selfish person he did not teach that technique to his followers even POPE is not able to float now,
there is numberless example are available but no one is asking these because our parents and religion itself taught us "don't raise your doubt on almighty he will destroy you", means we all are following him because we all are coward. we all are scared from him,
If we ask from any extremist about the existence of god and evidence for it then they have a common answer for it, you can't see it or touch it you can only feel it by inside, god is every where but you need a exact medium to feel him(even they don't know about the exact medium), if it is true then electricity is the true form of god.we can't see or touch electricity but we can feel it with the help of electronic appliances and there is exact medium exist to feel electricity.
when the question of the teaching of religion arises then religious extremist start molding the teaching according to there suitability like wise "Islam" permit a man to keep 4 wives, but muslims have there own philosophy to defend it, now is female from the same religion have a right to keep 4 husband,

no never,women don't have any right to keep more than 1 husband, means Islam is biased towards males,
we can find the same biasness  in all most each and every religion, we are doing all these things to make a invisible man happy, who will happy to see women in burka, men in misery and mankind in suffering,
but some people are trying to wake up this sleeping world. just start thinking logically and start asking question on the illogical and social taboos existing between us,

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