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Thursday, August 9, 2012



Often, we start our day with prayers- willingly or not willingly,
Early in the morning all of the religious institutions start chanting there praise to their specific god specially Gurudwara, Temple and Mosque have a peace war competition for shouting higher, all of the religion just try to convince their followers for attending the morning session for prayers and evening session for giving thanks.
Now in this modern era, every religious institution installed a modern hi-tech sound system to spread their message to larger masses or clearly speaking to disturb people peaceful sleep, they play there religious song with a very high intensity, A large number of population believes in prayers and indulge themselves in prayer system since from their childhood, most of us never think about the logic of prayers and even never questioned anything,

Rudy Yard said very beautifully;-
“I keep six honest serving men, (they taught me all I know) their names are what and why, when and how, where and who”
But all these things are missing in the prayers,

WHAT :-> Muslims are praying in Arabic which they don’t understand, Buddhists are praying in PALI language which they don’t understand and Hindus are praying in SANSKRIT which they don’t understand. now the question arises here is that why we need to pray in an ancient language which is unknown to most of the population, even we don’t know the meaning of many prayers, GAYATRI MANTRA from REGEH VEDA is the most popular mantra of the Hindu society but only a handful of the persons know the real meaning of GAYATRI MANTRA,
Why the religious heads want us to pray in the old languages which we don’t know and these languages are not the part of day to day conversation because they to run their business of harvesting religion, a simple pundit (religious head of Hindu society) took 5000 to 10000 rs for chanting some illogical things on special occasion like marriage and others, which are totally not necessary and bounced above from the heads of all, but people are still doing or following these old tactics without asking the reason that why these prayers and mantras now some philosopher’s said that prayers give us moral support and boost our motivation but isn’t it a false sense of security, as I seen many of my class mates prayed from there gods for good grades and get assured for a very small time period (time between exam and result) but never get good results because they spend their useful and precious time on prayers instead of study, now the philosopher’s (specially Hindus because they think they knew everything and every big or small thing is written in there VEDAS), they including others said that god never says that I will bless you without doing any work, you have to do physical hard work to get good results so
“Mr GOD, if my hard work or physical works going to pay me then why will I pray to you”
                     “खादिम मेहनत मेरी गर मुझे फ़लसफा देगी,
                        ,तो माँग कर तेरा एहसान क्यों लेना”
Almost every religion have a viewpoint that god writes your destiny or oracle already decided your fate so whatever is happing with you is written in your destiny and you can’t change it. So this phenomenon kills the remaining scope of prayers because if everything is written then it is pointless to pray to change already decided fate and if oracle or god change their plans due to the pressure of prayers, it means he is not stable on his own plans he changed his plans so often due to pressure of prayers or frankly speaking due to the pressure of devotees offerings, every time devotee bribes the god for money, for flowers and for other materialistic things including sweet and alcohol,
“From there real corruption is started not from the parliament, parliament is there secondary branch”
If he decided something for us and we know his decisions are always right as he is omniscient and omnipotent, then why we pray and why he changed his decisions,

Why every god have a specific place to pray, “what will happens if a Hindu devotee make a prayer in mosque from his Hindu gods, now how will Allah react on this situation, can he consider the prayer as payer is made from his place or he punish the person as according to Islam there is no god except Allah so it is blasphemy to pray anyone else and how Hindu god will react on the prayer from mosque.”

1-      Pray from god to keep you alive without oxygen (omnipotent god can do everything).
2-      Pray to revert the effect of gravitation.
3-      Pray them to eliminate the poverty as he is so merciful.
4-      Pray them to tell the all secret of Mars (mankind is heavily investing on mars project, he is omniscient so knows everything ).
so insanity of prayers will be continue till all of us got the real free will, but prayers are never going to help anyone sooner or later mankind understood this thing.
If he answers prayers then beggars outside the temple will be the richest persons of earth. Isn’t it?
                      रकीब बात यह दामन से बाँध कर रखना,
                      की माँगने वालो का वजन हल्का हे रहता है.
 dev lohan

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